Tuesday 31 October 2023


Normally I enjoy a nice walk with the Mrs but one day last week it was totally spoiled as we had to keep stopping every few minutes so the Mrs could collect this bag full of items!  I admit there are a lot of peculiar smells and items along the edge of our route which I sometimes stop to investigate but usually ignore as they are of no interest to me:- seldom something edible, not the scent of another animal which always interests me, and usually pretty boring but the Mrs seems to have started taking an interest in collecting these random items whilst grumbling to herself about thoughtless people.

She sometimes carries a stick but on this day a thin blue job appeared with a wicked grabber on the end which I managed to avoid at all costs until I realised it was not meant for me….

When we walk along the road towards the fields I have to stop every time a car comes along behind us as there is no footpath to walk along safely.  Luckily the Mrs’ hearing has been heightened recently by some mechanical means that I don’t understand but she can hear every noise I make and luckily most cars coming up behind us, but I do worry about the scentless silent ones…..cars I mean.


Saturday 30 September 2023

September 2023

This is me in my private and personal transport carriage driven by my own private and personal chauffeur.   He us also known as the Boss but can occasionally be usurped by my chauffeuse,  also known as the Mrs.  

I have my own very soft bed in here, a water bowl and a bottle of water along with my own viewing windows on either side.  I must say, if pressed, that I would admit the more comfortable ride is when I  am driven around by the Boss, but I keep quiet about that on the grounds of keeping the peace....
I can jump in here easily at the flick of a wrist or the command 'get in'.  Jumping out causes some concerns especially if it's the Mrs who opens the tailgate as I  propel myself out of my carriage like a rocket as soon as the tail gate is lowered, sometimes even before it is completely lowered. Several times, in my excitement to get to my next adventure, I  have nearly flattened the Mrs as she hadn't quite completed the manoeuvre before I did my exocet impersonation.   This causes quite a stir and I reprimand myself, thinking I should be more restrained! The Mrs agrees with me as she rights herself and loops the lead around my neck giving it quite a sharp tug to remind me to curb my enthusiasm and behave....I am restrained and behave impeccably....until the next time!


Thursday 31 August 2023

August 2023

The Launch.....I like to make as big a splash as I can so I take a running jump and launch myself in as far out as possible to show off my dynamic entry into the water.  I have been instructed to fetch a stick that they wish me to retrieve, which the Boss or the Mrs plus any companions along for the show have kindly thrown into the water.  

The Mrs calls my launch a belly flop but I like to think of it as canine controlled lift off!
Once the splash has settled and my head is above the surface I set out doing doggie paddle with my paws splayed out making the most of the webbing between my toes to achieve a fast canine crawl. With the stick securely lodged between my teeth I return to the bank.  This is usually accompanied with a certain amount of snorting to clear the water from my nose and throat as I carry the stick in my mouth.  As I climb out onto the bank and offer the stick up for a repeat exercise my praise for the successful retrieval is tempered by screams of anguish as I blink the water from my eyes and remove the excess from my coat by executing a full body shake from my head to the tip of my tail.  Instead of admiring my swimming technique, stick retrieval and water ejection the miniatures scream and the adults run away. Honestly,  there is no pleasing some people!


Monday 31 July 2023

July 2023


Jumping for joy, or even better jumping for water.  I hasten to add, that this photo was taken by the miniatures before the drought took over.  My favourite game is catching the water from the hose as it snakes back and forth in the hands of the operator who thinks it highly amusing to watch my efforts.  I chase it all over the garden as they keep moving it about to change were the water falls.  I drink most of it and jump to catch it in my mouth.   It doesn’t really show up in the picture but I am at least two feet off the ground or, as the youngsters say, 60 centimeters!  This action usually happens after me being told that my canine perfume is offensive to the Mrs and I need a wash.  The job of getting me wet enough to work up a lather with my shampoo is usually difficult as my coat is very thick and has its own oils to keep me warm and repel water. With my enhanced sense of fun I find it difficult to stay still long enough for the Mrs to aim it at the appropriate part of my anatomy and am usually asked in a very firm voice to stand still and stop jumping around while she uses some accuracy to make sure I am wet all over.  Rinsing can be a problem for her too as I still want to chase and catch the water.    In the lake I can launch myself into the water making a huge splash but at home I have to make do with the airborne variety and become very excited if I spot the hose coming out even if it does mean I end up shampooed, soft and sweet smelling.  The Mrs tells me it’s “because I’m worth it” !!

Wednesday 31 May 2023

MAY 2023

Teddy!  Or whats left of him..hes my buddy, my comfort and my playmate.  Getting thinner by the day he can be trailed all around the garden to play, returned to my kennel for snoozing with, or alternatively be left out in the rain to get a good soaking but whatever state he is in he never fails to be my friend.

Originally I believe he belonged to one of the elder of the miniatures but they never really bonded so when I came upon the scene Teddy was given to me.  He loves a good tussle but is also quite happy to have a good cuddle.

I have successfully removed most of his torso as his weight was a little on the heavy side especially when wet.  He never complained but when I first decided to reduce his circumference the Mrs was not pleased at having to comb the garden every so often collecting  bits of white fluff from every corner.  She considered it a mess whereas I thought it looked quite pretty. At first she tried to fatten Teddy up again by stuffing it back inside him and sewing him up but I was much more successful at reducing Teddys weight than the Mrs has ever been trying to reduce hers (a sore subject in this household) so she has now become resigned to Teddys  svelt form.  I have been threatened that if I remove any more from Teddy he will be unable to play with me anymore.  He does look a little deflated now so I have left his limbs in tact so that we can have a good game of hauling him round the garden but the Mrs has refused to allow me to invite him indoors as she says his aroma is worse than mine and he is for outdoor play only.  The Boss thinks I am a big baby for setting such store on a playmate when I have himself to entertain me but I like to keep my options open for when the Boss is resting his eyes or training them on the square box indoors then my Teddy is there, ready and waiting to play.


Sunday 30 April 2023

APRIL 2023

Isnt it time for my walk yet????

I patiently wait for the Boss to complete his perusal of the daily news, finish his cup of coffee or his nap or whatever is stopping  him from taking me for my walk.

Patience is a virtue the Mrs tells me, not sure about virtue, I would prefer a rawhide tue any day.

Back to the daily walk - if the sun is shining there is never a problem.  Usually the Boss is as enthusiastic as me to get outside but if a few raindrops fall from the sky the story is oh so different.  He does not like the rain or grey days, you know the type - low cloud and dismal outlook - these are the days he disappears into his workshop and its a devil of a job to get him to come out.  I have perfected a few ploys to encourage him to spend time with me.  These include fetching my ball and dropping it at his feet while looking encouragingly into his eyes and wagging my tail.  Another is standing direcly in front of him and staring unblinkingly at him for long moments  of time or until the Mrs dissolves into giggles and says I think Beau is trying to get your attention - I can always rely on her for back up.  Finally I resort to touch as per this photo.  I can remain in this position for any length of time, occasionally changing paws, until the weight of my paw gets to him, making his foot ache, at which point and with encouragement from the Mrs he eventually gives in and I get to go on my walk.   Now that is patience…….



Normally I enjoy a nice walk with the Mrs but one day last week it was totally spoiled as we had to keep stopping every few minutes so the M...